Why the Labour Market Sucks

This made me really sad today: McDonald’s experience counts more than university degree

While it is written with a Swedish perspective in mind, the circumstances are hardly that much different here in Canada. It continues to baffle the mind seeing all these job listings in a whole bunch of different fields that look for university education but ultimately have little regard for it anyway. So many of them also look for various job-specific training that one would assume would be offered by the employer. But instead, many employers are divesting the responsibility of training future employees onto the candidates themselves. It appears to me that many of these jobs have decided that it’s better not to consider how well educated these individuals are or how much time and resources they’ve committed already to a particular field, or even the potential for equivalencies.

So what’s the motive behind this? Passing the onus of training onto the candidate employee whilst still demanding a formal education seems like an employer that wants to defer the costs of training to the candidates. From a business standpoint, it makes sense, but to anyone on the outside, it seems like a massive cop-out. Spent alot already? Well, get set to spend some more if you really want this job… It all makes for a labour market that is very pro-employer and almost anti-employee.

And I’m not even going to get started on the work experience paradox.

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