Was it really that super of a Tuesday?

So the frenzy of ballots has subsided, and the race for the Democratic nomination is still no clearer than when it started, though the Republicans are much closer to seeing who will lead their charge to retain the White House in 2008 (no small feat at this point.) Being able to look on this process of primaries and delegates and such is a bit weird for an outsider like me. Here, the parties select for the masses, and there doesn’t seem to be much interest in changing that.

But for all these attempts at securing the people’s consent for their candidates, does anyone else feel that the whole thing feels like a wasted exercise?

Granted, whoever does win the election will be a vast improvement over what’s currently occupying the White House. But even with the current crop of finalists, it still does not feel (at least to this writer) like any of them will be willing or able to make the sort of changes that the US is in such desperate need for. The nation’s finances are a mess. The social support network is in rough shape, and their foreign image…well, I don’t need to elaborate on that one.

Quite simply, the next president of the US is going to have quite the task ahead. And I remain unconvinced that they will be able to successfully take it all on. And I have a feeling that I’m not alone on this.

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